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Domakhin Vladimir Nikolaevich (1963 - ...)  Click to play

Domakhin Vladimir Nikolaevich was born in 1963 in Moscow. At present the artist resides in the town of Dolgoprudny situated not far from Moscow. In 1985 Vladimir Nikolaevich finished the Fedoskino Art School where he studied under Viktor Danilovich Antonov. V.N. Domakhin's diploma work included a composition entitled "Madonna Litta" (after original by Leonardo da Vinci) and a composition painted on a theme of the Russian Civil War.

Works painted by V.N. Domakhin are exhibited in the Russian Museum (Saint Petersburg). His works have been also displayed in the international exhibitions in Cyprus, Germany. Many of his artworks are held in private collections in the USA, Germany and Great Britain. Now the artist works at home.

Vladimir Nikolaevich works in the realistic style of I. Shtabvasser's miniature (Germany) and Lukutin's miniature. His favorite themes to depict are genre scenes, portraits, horse riding, animals and military full-dress uniform, and he prefers to paint with warm colors.

V.N. Domakhin thinks that on no account can art be aggressive. Moreover, art must be easily understandable to people. According to his words, "art mustn't humble the viewer with the impossibility to understand it".

Upon starting a new piece, the artist intends to "glorify the world created by God". He considers work on a miniature finished when all his artistic ideas are realized. The artist supposes his personal painting methods are fine brush mastery, observance of three plans (foreground, middle and background), and using painting technique in grizal.

V.N. Domakhin created more than 40 author works for the last ten years. According to his words, a painter may think over his work for a long time, and the process of creation may be quick. He thinks his works may be easily recognized by thinness of painting and original execution. Creative work of such outstanding painters as Breigel, Van Deik, Velaskes, Rembrandt, Polenov, Semiradsky, Sverchkov and masters of Lukutin's factory had influence on his artwork.

In his free time Vladimir Nikolaevich likes to read and socialize with his children. He sincerely thanks his admires for recognizing his talent.

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