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Goleneva Lubov Alexandrovna (1959 - ...)  Click to play

Born in 1959 in Moscow, where she now resides. Learned the art of lacquer miniature at the Fedoskino Art Institute of Painting and Lacquer Art. Graduated in 1978 and her most influential instructor was N.V. Shagin. Her diploma work in her year of graduation was a copy of a Bottaceli painting entitled, "Three Gratsli." As of now she works at a firm called Sakkla, and paints for US Lacquer Art Dealers like Russian Sunbirds, and Russian Collection.

Since she is considered a Fedoskino artist she paints with oils, and chooses to focus on painting portraits, although she can easily paint traditional Fedoskino themes and landscapes. She can not pin-point her favorite work since she considers all of them her favorites.

When it comes to the technical aspects of her painting she is very secretive and will not divulge what her most important element is in her works, her goals when beginning a work, and her personal techniques as regarding composition. The timeline for each work is different, and it depends on the difficulty of the subject and the price she will be paid for the work. She considers that quality, and its development in her works through the years, is what separates her works from others. The thinness of her lines, and final product are two of the most important aspects she likes to think about when painting.

Karl Bruilov and Konstantin Makovskii are two of her favorite artists from which she can draw inspiration when looking at their works.

She is divorced and has a 21 year old son. When she has free time she likes to "do everything."

She wishes that the collectors of her works that the love, emotions, patience, and joy that go into every one of her works can be felt at the same level she feels when painting, that all of those elements get to touching their souls.

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