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Govorun Pavel Vladimirovich (1971 - ...)  Click to play

Although still young, Pavel Govorun is a talented Fedoskino artist. His special skills include his use of gold leaf and mother-of-pearl in-lay. He also likes to use silver punch-outs in place of filigree and for decoration on the exterior of his boxes.

Govorun Pavel Vladimirovich was born in 1971 in the village of Fedoskino, where he currently resides now.

In 1992 the artist graduated from the Fedoskino Art School. His teachers were the famous Fedoskino artists Emenenko I.A., Pashinina L.M., Frolov V.N.

P.V. Govorun's author works include:

1996 - "Zagorsk" (box);

1997 - "View of the Tempel of Jesus Christ the Savior";

1998 - "Prince Ivan and Grey Wolf" (chest);

1998 - "Rostov" (chest);

1999 - "Tsar Saltan" (chest).

P.V. Govorun's artworks are held in private collections.

The artist works in the traditional Fedoskino style using gold foil and Dutch -made oil paints. He applies in painting his personal technique. Prefers to paint his miniatures in harmonious colors.

Pavel Vladimirovich is interested in depicting landscapes, architecture, fairy tails, portraits. The master thinks the most important element in his artworks is completeness and he gets pleasure from a composition's completeness. Starting his work, the artist intends to create a completed miniature. Considers a box to be finished if he thinks he would buy it himself.

Pavel Vladimirovich thinks it is easy to recognize his artworks owing his individual style. He supposes his pieces are notable for interesting themes and peculiar execution.

In his free time likes to read, to go in for sport and work on the computer.

P.V. Govorun wishes to his admires: "Don't lose your taste".

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