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Irechuk Larisa Evgenyevna (1970 - ...)  Click to play

Larisa Evgenievna Irechuk

Born in 1970 in the town of Enakievo in Donetsk region. Now Larisa lives in Kaluga.

In 1993 she graduated from the Fedoskino Art School in Kaluga, where she studied under Ludmila Anatolievna Kovalenko.

Working in the Fedoskino tradition, Larisa prefers to depict genre scenes and to paint portraits, using papier-mache and oil paints. Irechuk is known for such author works as "Merry Chatting" (1995), "The Feast" (1996), "Smokers" (1996), "The Apple" (1995), "Young Shepherd" (1995), "Evenings" (1995), "Tet-a-Tet" (1997), "Mermaid's Find" (1998), "Kaluga Landscape" (1999), "Gumiliov's Lyrics" (1999), "Sasha Chiorniy's Poems" (1999).

When she starts a new miniature, the master sets a goal to reach a new level of painting and to surprise her with each new piece. In her compositions she prefers to use clean, soft colors. Irechuk thinks a miniature completed when she and her friends like it. Larisa considers quality, unusual subject matter, and mood to be the most important elements of her work. Her art pieces can be distinguished by their quality, color palette, and spirit. The painter hopes admirers of her art will remember her detailed painting, themes of miniatures, their colors, and execution.

In her spare time Larisa likes to sew, to read, and to visit friends. She would like admirers of Russian art of lacquered miniature to continue to follow and appreciate her work.

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