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Kosheleva Irina Anatoliyevna (1965 - ...)  Click to play

Kosheleva Irina Anatolievna

Kosheleva Irina Anatolievna was born in 1965 in the village of Fedoskino and resides there at present.

In 1986 the artist finished the Fedoskino Art School. Her teachers were Shchagin A.V. and Gorodilin B.P.

Now Irina Anatolievna works at the Fedoskino factory of miniature art. She paints her compositions in oils in the style of Fedoskino lacquer miniature. Her favorite themes to depict are scenes with animals.

The artist thinks it is very important to express a chosen theme and may be that is why her compositions are always interesting for the viewer.

Irina Anatolievna usually finishes her work on a composition when she likes it. She uses in painting a wide spectrum of colors and owing to it her composition are bright and expressive.

The master supposes the time spent on painting a composition depends on a box's dimensions.

Creative work of famous Russian artists Shishkin and Aivazovsky influenced her personal painting style.

In her free time Irina Anatolievna likes to go for a walk and rest.

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