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Kozlov Sergey Ivanovich (1955)

Sergey Kozlov was born in 1955 and spent his childhood in the ancient town of Dmitrov located not far from Moscow. Now he resides and works in the village of Fedoskino, in his beautiful new house which he has been building for almost ten years.
Sergey finished the Fedoskino Art School in 1974. His teachers were Larishev G.I., Monashov S.V. and Davydov P.S.
S. Kozlov is a member of the USSR Union of Artists since 1983. His works are displayed in central museums of Russia. The artist frequently participates in different art exhibitions in Russia and other countries. His works always win honorable rewards. The most valuable of them is the National Prize of Russia.
Since 1976 Sergey has worked at the Fedoskino Factory of Miniature Painting. Now he is a freelance professional artist. His works are in very high demand among collectors.
The artist has painted his works on a variety of themes: fairy-tales, architecture, landscapes, history, but now he mostly shows preference for depicting landscapes and architecture.
Sergey applies in work his personal painting techniques, that is why his works are always original and unique. He likes to use in painting cold blue and gray colors with additional rich gold decoration.
Sergey Kozlov is a superb master of exquisite and refined forms. They naturally combine reflecting lacquer surface and “through-painting” with translucent paints. By applying an undercoat of gold and mother-of-pearl, he achieves striking color effects and makes his paintings glow.
Sergey has a son Alexander. He is a professional artist and also specializes in the Fedoskino lacquer miniature painting.

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