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Kriger Alexander Alexandrovich (1973 - ...)  Click to play

Kriger Alexander Alexandrovich was born in 1973 in the village of Urek, Kemerov Region. Now he resides in the village of Fedoskino. In 1993 the artist finished the Fedoskino Art School. His teachers were Frolov V.N. and Antonov V.D. His diploma work included the compositions: a landscape “Visiting Solokha” and a copy “Agasha”.

Alexander Alexandrovich paints in oils in the style of Fedoskino lacquered miniature. Themes of his works – genre scenes and fairy-tales.

Alexander Alexandrovich thinks quality of painting is the most important element in work.

Beginning to paint a composition he intends to make a good work. Finishes painting, when additional details are unnecessary and subsequent work worsens the composition.

The artist uses in painting a wide spectrum of colors, that is why all his works are expressive and at the same time realistic. On the average it takes him from 7 to 10 days to paint a composition. Works by the famous Russian artists Brullov K., Perov V., Makovsky V. had a great influence on his creative work.

In his free time Alexander Alexandrovich likes to go in for sport.

The artist wishes good health to all admires of Fedoskino lacquered miniature.

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