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Kurgansky Alexander Nikolaevich (1972 - ...)  Click to play

Kurgansky Alexander Nikolaevich was born in 1972 in the village of Semenitchevo located in the Moscow region.

In 1994 Kurgansky graduated from the Fedoskino Art School where he studied under guidance of A.R. Kotov and N.G. Marchukov.

At present the painter works at the Fedoskino Factory of Lacquered Miniature. Recently, he has been awarded with the title "artist of the 4th rank".

Kurgansky paints in oils in the traditions of Fedoskino art.

The master prefers to work with green and soft pastel tones. He considers that precise elaboration of all elements of a composition is the most important trait in his work. Starting a new piece, Alexander strives to use new techniques of painting. It takes him 10 day to create a composition. The creative work of S.I. Kozlov and N.A. Zotov influenced his manner of painting.

Alexander's works are notable for precise drawing, clear composition and beautiful color treatments.

In his free time Kurgansky likes to play football, tennis, go fishing and ski.

Alexander sincerely hopes that his artworks will bring luck and happiness to buyers.

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