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Kurilin Stanislav Igorevich (1963 - ...)  Click to play

Kurilin Staninislav Igorevich was born in 1963 in Moscow where he resides nowdays.

In 1988 Stanislav graduated from the Fedoskino Art School. His teacher was Boris Petrovich Gorodilin.

Kurilin's graduation these is "Honey picking".

At present the artist works at the Fedoskino factory and at home. Stanislav paints in the traditional style of Fedoskino lacquer miniature and works with oil paints.

Stanislav's favorite themes to depict are fairy-tales and bylinas. He uses a wide spectrum of colors and that's why his paintings are always expressive, bright and colorful.

Russian Folk Art and nature inspire Kurilin to create his paintings. The master supposes that the process of working on each piece is very complicated and all aspects of the work must be important for a painter. He pays a great attention to the shape of a casket, which helps him to create complex, three-dimensional compositions. Choice of subjects is also very important for him - all Kurilin's compositions, painted on interesting subjects, are original and unique.

The process of working under a casket is unlimited; everything depends on artistic ideas and aims.

Kurilin's works are remarkable for fine brush mastery, clear composition, and rich and beautiful coloring, interesting subjects and qualitative execution. Stanislav Kurilov wishes to his admirers to organize charitable exhibitions, to estimate and respect artworks painted by Russian artists.

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