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Kuzina Sofiya Nikolaevna (1971 - ...)  Click to play

Kuzina Sofya Nikolaevna (maiden name: Kukushkina-Solodilova) was born in 1971 in the town of Saint Petersburg. Now she resides in the village of Aksakovo.

The artist works under a pseudonym Kushkina.

In 1991 Sofya Nikolaevna finished the Fedoskino Art School where she studied under the famous Fedoskino artist Evmenenko.

S.N. Kuzina's original work is "The Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin" (1996).

Sofya Nikolaevna paints in oils in the style of Fedoskino lacquered miniature. Her favorite theme to depict is architecture. Her favorite artwork is "Grizal" (series of architectural works).

Beginning her work, she intends to improve the quality of her painting and to paint a composition better than all the previous ones. Finishes her work, when she likes the final result, which is, certainly, very important for the artist.

Sofya Nikolaevna likes to paint her works in restraint colors. She often uses in painting her personal artistic method of stucco mouldings that is why shapes of her boxes are original and unusual.

Works by S.N. Kushkina are notable for original style of painting, fine brush mastery, qualitative execution and unusual shapes of boxes.

Sofya Nikolaevna has chosen her profession by her family tradition. Her husband - D.V. Kuzin, sister - N.N. Rogatova, sister's husband - V.S. Rogatov, and mother - M.V. Kukushkina - are also professional painters.

In her free time Sofya Nikolaevna likes to ski and swim in the sea.

The artist wishes to her admires wishes luck and happiness.

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