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Larishev Gennady Ivanovich (1929-2008)

Gennady Ivanovich Larishev was born in 1929 in Moscow. Studied at the Fedoskino Art School and in 1952 was enrolled in the Fedoskino Painting Team. Larishev graduated from the Moscow Polygraphy Institute and taught in the Fedoskino Art School of miniature painting for eight years. A People’s Artist of Russia, a winner of the National Prize of Russia.
Now the artist resides and works in the village of Fedoskino.
Gennady Larishev excels in painting both in solid and transparent colors, and this enables him to achieve the subtlest painterly effects. Among his subjects are fairy-tale and historical plots, as well as genre scenes and landscape motifs.
He keeps looking for painterly means of expression that are applicable to the Fedoskino technique of oil painting and black lacquer. He often applies in painting mother-of-pearl, gold and silver paints.
Larishev often took ideas for his works from the real life of village people. The main feature of Gennadiy Ivanovich’s works is introduction of comical scenes and humorous parodies.
G. Larishev is a national artist, winner of Repin’s state prize, Secretary of Russian Artists’ Union committee. In his works Larishev prefers to use traditional Fedoskino techniques and considers that it is possible to express his ideas with something simple and understandable to an ordinary spectator. “Genious things are simple!”

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