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Larishev German Gennadievich (1963 - ...)  Click to play

German Larishev is the son of one of lacquer art's greatest names, Gennady Larishev. Today he lives with his wife (Yelena, another great Fedoskino artist), daughter, and his wonderful father. He works at the Fedoskino Lacquer Art Factory, and prefers to work on landscapes, which he does with exceptional skill and grace.

Under his father's tutelage he was able to develop skills and tricks of the trade that set his pieces apart from others. The pays special attention to depth and working with the light shining up through a painting from an inlay of mother-of-pearl. He also, because of his father's influence, is very into painting scenes that are true to the Fedoskino style and that are a direct portrayl and relfection on Russian culture.

During his free time he likes to weight-lift, spend time traveling with his family, and engage in a variety of sports during all times of the year.

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