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Makarov Eduard (1962)

Eduard Makarov was born in 1962 in Sterlitamak, Bashkortostan, Russian Mid-East. He finished High school and Fine Arts College.
In 1978 his family have moved to a town of Volginskiy Vladimir region.
Since 1980 he served at the Russian Navy for 3 years.
In 1987 Makarov has finished Fedoskino Art School.
During his education Eduard worked at the workshops of the Moscow Orthodox Church.
Since 1991 till 1994 he worked in the painted wooden genre. He created many art works for the collectors from USA, France, Sweden, England, Holland.
In 1995 Eduard Makarov became a teacher of the miniature painting at the Fedoskino Art School .
In 1994-1996 he traveled to the USA, France, Spain and Greece Island Crete. The result of his impressions from these countries were his new creative works. During his 6 months excursion in the US he was engaged in the Graphics, made graphic Design in Russian style for Post Stamps, postcards and etc.
He exhibited matrioshkas, holy eggs and lacquer boxes in France.
At present time Eduard lives and works at the village of Fedoskino and continues teaching at the Fedoskino Art School.

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