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Mitusov Alexander Yuryevich (1964 - ...)  Click to play

Born in 1964 in the village of Fedoskino. Alexander finished Fedoskino Art School in 1985, where he studied under S.S. Chistov. Worked both in the Fedoskino Miniature Paintings Factory and freelance. His works may be found in foreign private collections. He uses oils to paint, and applies mother-of-pearl and tinsel gold.

Themes of his creative works are landscapes, architecture and fairytales.
An important element of his work is his consideration of the reality of colors and the maintenance of paintings. He considers the work on a miniature to be complete when he writes his signature on it. When an artist is starting a new work, he has certain goals, such as considering theme arrangement, composition, choice of colors, and drawing.

Alexander has his own unique techniques in painting. The difference of his work compared to others' is the technique of creation. Alexander thinks that his admirers should remember his peculiar writing, correctness of drawing, theme and quality of his creation.

He spends his free time by fixing his car and playing with his child.
Alexander wishes collectors of his work to have good health, more money and to keep being interested in his outstanding works.

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