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Novozhilova Yelena Yuryevna (1975 - ...)  Click to play

Novozhilova Elena Yuryevna

Novozhilova Elena Yuryevna was born in 1975 in the Moscow Region. Now she lives in the village of Fedoskino.

In 1996 the artist graduated from the Fedoskino Art School. Her teachers were Boris Petrovich Gorodilin and Viktorya Valerievna Kuzmenko-Sinelnikova. Her diploma work was entitled "Spring".

At present the artist works at home and studies.

E.Yu. Novozhilova's artworks are exhibited in the Fedoskino Art School's Museum.

Elena Yuryevna paints in the realistic style of Fedoskino lacquered miniature, using oil paints.

The artist likes to paint her miniatures on themes of love fantasies. She applies in work her personal painting technique.

The master thinks the most important elements in her artworks are color treatment, light, sensation of life and reality.

Starting a new composition, Elena Yuryevna intends to overcome a new step in her creative work and to paint something original. She uses in painting a wide spectrum of colors, the choice depends on her mood. On the average, it takes her a week to paint a composition.

E.Yu. Novozhilova believes her admirers will appreciate color treatment, themes, and painting technique of her compositions.

Creative work of such famous painters as M. Vrubel and V. Vasnetsov had influence on her painting style.

In her free time Elena Yuryevna likes to dance and dream.

Yelena at her workplace (1999)

Yelena at her workplace

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