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Orlova Natalia Grigorievna (1976)

Orlova (Torbina) Natalia Grigorievna was born in 1976 in the town of Dmitrov, Moscow Region.
In 1996 the artist finished Fedoskino School of Miniature Painting. Her teachers were Gorodilin B. P.( painting) and Sinelnikova (Kuzmenko) V. V. (composition).
Orlova’s works are easy to recognize, because of her style and the colors she use.
Themes of her works are fairy-tales and genre scenes.
Artist always pays her attention to the details of her boxes.
The influence on Orlova’s artistry had the works of famous Russian painters such as V. Perov, V. Vasnetsov, K. Brullov and K. Makovsky.
Orlova has chosen the profession of artist because she always liked to draw.
Natalia is married and has a child.

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