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Osipova Larisa Anatolievna (1972 - ...)  Click to play

Dmirti Osipov Dmitry and Larisa Osipova Larisa Osipovy

These two artists were both born in 1972. Larisa was born near Fedoskino in the town of Marfino. Dmitry was born in Dmitriev. The two studied together at the Fedoskino Art School from which they graduated in 1992. Larisa prefers to paint fairy-tales and still-lifes, where Dmitry paints more architectural scenes. Despite their difference in theme preference, both artists love to use inlay mother-of-pearl. Moreover, their work has a distinctive feeling and style that is all their own.

All artist set goals for themselves and are usually looking to challenge themselves in unique way. One goal that they share is to make their work aesthetically pleasing, even beautiful. The Osipovy's also strive to make their paintings as good as the originals, whenever working on museum reproductions.

In their spare time, the Osipovy love to participate in sports.

Dmitri and Larisa Osipovy

Larisa Osipova and her lacquerbox

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