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Papenov Mikhail Anatolievich (1963 - ...)  Click to play

Mikhail Papenov, or Misha as his friends call him, works at the Fedoskino Lacquer Art Factory. He is a great artist and a great conversationalist. He has a quick wit and a well developed sense of humor. Whenever he is in the company of someone he loves to laugh and make sure everyone around him is having as good a time as he is.

As an artist his work is, on the other hand, very calming to the eye. His style, as it has developed understands the subtle intricacies of light and shadows that is crucial to making a painting look authentic. He can paint everything from architecture, to fairy tale scenes, to his own creative imaginings.

He has a son who swims competitively, and swims well. If ever coming in contact with him in Fedoskino he will not hesitate (if he knows you) to offer you into the company of his home. He is as much a well rounded artist, as he is a person.

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