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Puchkov Alexey Petrovich (1963 - ...)  Click to play

Alexey Petrovich Puchkov is the son of the famous Fedoskino artist Piotr Nikolaevich Puchkov (recently passed away).

The artist was born on June 24, 1963 in the village of Fedoskino. Now he resides in Moscow.

In 1982 Alexey Petrovich finished the Fedoskino Art School. His teacher and tutor-guide was his father Puchkov P.N. and also the teachers of the Fedoskino Art School - Shchagin A.V. and Monashov S.V. His diploma work was a lacquered miniature "Winter day" (architectural landscape).

Puchkov A.P. is a laureate of the competition "New names". His works are exhibited in the All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art.

At present Alexey Petrovich works at the Fedoskino factory of miniature painting. He paints his works in the style of Fedoskino lacquered miniature, using oil paints. His favorite themes to depict are architectural landscapes.

The artist thinks the most important elements in a lacquered miniature are a drawing, a composition and a color scheme. He likes to use in painting bright, cold tones.

In his opinion, work at a lacquered miniature may go on endlessly, because any artist must aspire to bringing his work to perfection. On the average it takes him a month to paint a composition.

Works by Puchkov A.P. are notable for peculiar painting technique.

The artist's creative work was greatly influenced by painting of his father Puchkov P.N.

In his free time Alexey Petrovich likes to go in for sport.

The artist wishes to all people who like the art of lacquered miniature: "let's love and understand art!".

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