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Ruzheynikov Mikhail V (1971 - ...)  Click to play

Mikhail Yurievich Ruzheynikov

Mikhail Yurievich Ruzheynikov was born in 1971 in the town of Ignateevka, Moscow Region. At present he currently lives in the village of Fedoskino.

In 1992 the artist graduated from the Fedoskino Art School. His teachers were Gorodilin B.P., Kuraev Yu.P.

Now Mikhail Yurievich works at the Fedoskino factory of miniature art.

The master works on a variety of themes: Russian fairy-tales, landscapes, architecture.

Since 1997 M.Yu. Ruzheynikov has created many author works such as "Scarlet flower" (1997), "Gees and Swans" (1998), "Sadko" (1998), "Alyonushka and her little brother Ivanushka" (1998), "Humpbacked Little Pony" (1998), "Snow Maiden" (1999), "Suzdal", "Rostov" (1997).

The painter works in the traditional Fedoskino style, using oil paints.

Starting his work, Mikhail Yurievich intents to create an interesting composition that will gladden people. Finishes his work when he is satisfied with the final result and the further work on a composition is unnecessary.

The artist thinks the most important element in work is eccentricity.

He prefers to paint his compositions with warm colors; predominance is given to brown tones.

M.Yu. Ruzheynikov's artworks are notable for thinness and precision of painting, poetic mood and beautiful color combinations.

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