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Sedov Dmitry Vyacheslavovich

Sedov Dmitry Vyacheslavovich was born in 1977 in the village of Fedoskino where he resides now.

In 1998 the artist finished the Fedoskino Art School. His teacher was famous Fedoskino master O.V. Golovchenkov. D.V. Sedov's diploma work was entitled "Gees and Swans".

Works painted by D.V. Sedov has been demonstrated at the exhibition in Tushino.

Now the painter works at the Fedoskino factory of miniature art.

Dmitry Vyacheslavovich works in the traditional Fedoskino style using oil paints. His favorite themes to depict are fairy-tales. He considers detailing to be the most important stage in work; fine brush mastery is also very important for him. Upon beginning a new composition, Dmitry Vyacheslavovich intends to do it to the best of his abilities. He finishes work on a miniature when all his artistic ideas are realized. The artist considers thinness of painting and detailing are his personal methods in painting.

Dmitry Vyacheslavovich thinks it is easy to recognize his works by his peculiar technique. In his opinion, people will remember his artworks owing to original shapes of boxes, interesting themes, execution and fine brush mastery.

Creative work of outstanding Fedoskino artists had influence on his painting.

Dmitry Vyacheslavovich wishes to his admires good health and luck.

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