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Serdodetskov Vladimir Alexandrovich (1942 - ...)  Click to play

Vladimir Alexandrovich Serdodetskov

Was born in 1942 in Dmitrov region in Moscow environs.

He graduated from the Fedoskino Art School in 1942, where P.S. Davydov, A.S. Sokalov, and I.F. Vetrov taught him. His diploma work was two compositions and a copy.

Vladimir Alexandrovich has been recognized with different awards: "For Labor Heroism", medal "For Great Services to the Motherland", Second class medal "In memory of the 850th anniversary of Moscow".

Serdodetskov works at the Fedoskino factory, which museum has many of his art works in its collection.

This artist uses technique of painting in oil and works in the style of Fedoskino lacquered miniature. The themes of his pieces are landscapes. I.I. Shishkin's artwork had an influence on the master at the beginning of his career.

The most important aspect in his work is design of a box as a whole. Serdodetskov starts a new piece with the goal to express the well-thought-out theme. As soon as the painter doesn't see his mistakes, he finishes next miniature.

In the patterns the master prefers to use warm tones. He considers application of aluminum and bronze powders to be his personal technique.

Works by Vladimir Alexandrovich may be distinguished by "treatment".

Admirers of his creative work will certainly note patterns' execution. In free time Serdodetskov like to be busy about the house.

To his admirers the master wishes to love nature.

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