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Shatalina Roza Serafimovna (1956 - ...)  Click to play

Shatalina Roza Serafimovna

Shatalina Roza Serafimovna was born in 1936 in Minsk. At present she lives in Moscow.

In 1956 the artist graduated from the Fedoskino Art School. Her teachers were outstanding Fedoskino artists Dedunik D.N. (drawing, modeling, history of Art), Koromyslov B.N. (painting), Nebosklonov D. (anatomy, technique), Parfenov (detailing). R.S. Shatalina's diploma works were entitled "Before wedding ceremony" - Pukirev; "Madonna" - Rafael.

Now Roza Serafimovna works at the Fedoskino factory of miniature art and also freelance.

The artist was awarded to a medal "Veteran of Labour". R.S. Shatalina's works are exhibited in the Museum of Fedoskino Art School.

R.S. Shatalina works in the style of Fedoskino lacquer miniature, using oil paints. She is interested in depicting genre subjects, portraits, troikas.

The artist considers consciousness is the most important element in work. She supposes the work on a composition is finished when she is completely satisfied with it.

The painter prefers to apply in work her personal painting technique and to use bright and saturated colors. She thinks her works may be distinguished by peculiar manner of painting and beautiful color combinations.

Creative work of such prominent artists as Tropinin, Brullov, Grez, Pukirev, Vasiliev, Vasnetsov and Rafael had influence on her artwork.

Her free time Roza Serafimovna likes to spend with her granddaughter.

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