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Shelukhin Mikhail Vasiliyevich (1971 - ...)  Click to play

Michael Vasilyevich Shelukhin

Michael Vasilyevich Shelukhin was born in the region of Moscow in 1971. He currently resides in the village of Martino, just out side of Fedoskino. By the time he finished the Fedoskino Art School in 1992, he had studied under such artists as Gradilin, Lypunov, and Fedotyeva. Since then, his work has not gone unnoticed with several of his pieces displayed in the State Museum of Folk Art in Moscow, also known as the Museum at Delegatskaya.

Shelukhin uses predominantly mother-of-pearl in his pieces. He is fascinated with floral designs, and sometimes paints seascapes. His work is memorable for its precision, color palette, and softness in composition. His goal for future pieces is to enhance his technique of painting without the use of white.

Shelukhin wishes all the best for his collectors!

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