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Sinelnikova Victoriya Valerievna (1968 - ...)  Click to play

Victoria Sinelnikova was born in 1968 in the city of Balkhash, Kazakhstan. In 1989 she graduated from the Fedoskino Art School and in 1992 ahe graduated the art faculty of Moscow Technological College. Since that time she has actively participated in many art exhibitions. Every year from 1995 she has presented her works at the Central Artists House in Moscow. Sinelnikova participated in several special shows on the eve of 200 years of Fedoskino art at the Russian Museum in St.Petersburg (1995) and at the All-Russian Museum of Applied Art in Moscow (1996). Very often Sinelnikova works received diplomas (special awards). Pictures of Sinelnikova's boxes are in the books Lacquer Miniatures. Fedoskino (by N.Krestovskaya, Moscow, 1995, (N. 193, 204, 211)) and 200 Years of Russian Lacquery (by L. Pirogova, 1996 (p. 87, 123)). During our meeting the artist gave us a present, the book-album Gallery Isograph, (Moscow, 1999) which is a catalog of distinguished Russian artists. On pages 132-135 there is more information about Sinelnikova, as well as some beautiful pictures of her works. Sinelnikova is not only a talented painter, but has been a teacher of composition at the Fedoskino Art School since 1991. She is an ambitious artist who built her career thoughtfully. Sinelnikova likes to do genre themes and creates only original works. Besides miniatures she likes to do drawings on other media, as well. Travelling and literature are her inspirations. She attracts people by her cheerful and friendly character. She is interesting person to talk to about the art. She and her husband now live in Moscow.


Russian lacquerware expert Krestovskaya N. refers to V. Sinelnikova on page 102 of book Krestovskaya N., 1995, "MASTERPIECES OF RUSSIAN FOLK ART. LACQUERED MINIATURES. FEDOSKINO", INTERBOOK, Moscow, 5-7664-1048-4

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