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Sladkov Pavel Pavlovich (1936 - ...)  Click to play

Sladkov Pavel Pavlovich was born 1936 in the town of Mytishchi.

At present he lives in the village of Novoseltsevo situated in the Moscow region.

In 1956 the artist graduated from the Fedoskino Art Museum. His teacher was V.I. Nebosklonov.

Sladkov's diploma work was the miniature "Fishermen".
He works in the style of Fedoskino miniature art and uses technique of painting in oils.

Pavel Pavlovich's creative work was influenced by such prominent masters as Strakhov, Lipitsky and Chizhov.

The master prefers to work with blue tones. Upon beginning a new piece he always tries to make it better than previous.

Sladkov considers a painting technique, which is called "tortsovka" to be his personal method of painting. He thinks that the most important part in his production is elaboration of small details and precision of lines.

The master considers the work to be done only when it is brought to perfection and covered with lacquer. It takes him 15 days to create a piece.

Sladkov's works are notable for original color treatment, fine graphic technique and qualitative execution.

In free time he likes to draw sketchers. The artist hopes that admirers of his works will avoid buying false boxes.

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