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Smolenskaya Valentina Konstantinovna (1954)

Valentina Konstantinovna Smolenskaya was born in Moscow in 1954. She graduated from the Moscow Technological Institute where she studied in the Art Faculty. Her specialization was miniature painting and painting on the wood. From 1977 to 1983 she worked in the Fedoskino Factory. Currently, Smolenskaya is a lecturer in the Moscow State University of Service.
The artist finds the subjects of her works in literature, history and in her fantasies. The literary works of Pushkin A.S had inspired her to create some of her works. Valentina made several works based on the Legends and Tales of Swedish and Norway People. She also creates incomparably beautiful floral compositions.
Smolenskaya is a member of the Union of Russian Artists. Participated in 25 mixed exhibitions and also had 5 personal exhibitions.
The artistís daughter- Ksenya Lvova is also an artist. She is studying in Moscow University now.

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