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Smolenskaya Valentina Konstantinovna (1954 - ...)  Click to play

Valentina Konstantinovna Smolenskya was born in 1954 in the city of Nalchik, situated in the Northern Caucasia.
From 1972 to 1977, the artist studied miniature painting and painting on wood at the Moscow Technological Institute. Having graduated from the institute, she joined the Fedoskino lacquer miniature cooperative.
Valentina Konstantinovna paints her works in the unique style, creating brilliant and exclusive collections of lacquer boxes, plates and jewelry.
The artist finds the subjects of her works in literature, history or in the world of her own fantasy. The literary works by Pushkin A.S., Dostoevsky F.M. and Tolstoy L.N. inspire her to create new miniatures. The creativity of these great writers helps her to reflect essence of daily life. Quiet often her works reflect the artistís regret for more harmonious and simple times that became a thing of the past. She also creates incomparably beautiful floral compositions.
Apart from lacquer miniature painting, the artist likes to create watercolors. This practice helps her to get new ideas and approaches in the field of lacquer miniature art.
Since 1985 Valentina Konstantinovna has been a member of the faculty of the GABSU, where she teaches the art of lacquer miniature painting.
Smolenskaya V.K. has participated in 25 group exhibitions and also had 5 personal exhibitions.
The artistís daughter, Ksenya, also wants to be an artist. At present she studies at the childrenís art school.

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