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Soloninkina Yelena Nikolaevna (1971 - ...)  Click to play

Yelena Nikolaevna Saloninkina

Born in 1975 in Fedoskino, Yelena is the daughter of the famous artist Saloninkin N. M. She studied under Antonov Victor Danilovich. She told us that she remembers his teachings the best, since he did not stop her from experimenting with art. She graduated from the Fedoskino Art School in 1997 after completing her her most noted work, " First Love". At the moment, Yelena does not favor any one of the scenes that she has painted, but is still searching for that one perfect scene.

Yelena believes that her greatest attribute in creating lacquer art is her patience. Her favorite color palette consists of Yellow Ochre and Burnt Umber. She uses the traditional Fedoskino painting techniques, yet she describes her own style as leaning toward the impressionistic. One of her favorite techniques is to paint by using layer upon layer of colors to create shadows and highlights. We also learned during our visit with Yelena, that she usually creates original pieces, and does not make copies.

In her spare time, Yelena likes to go out with friends and spends time fixing up her apartment. Her wish to you is for good health.

Yelena at home

Yelena's workplace

Yelenas Babushka

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