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Strakhova Olga Nikolaevna (1958 - ...)  Click to play

Strakhova Olga Nikolaevna

Strakhova Olga Nikolaevna was born in 1958 in the town of Dmitrov where she currently resides now.

In 1980 Strakhova graduated from the Fedoskino Art School. Her teachers were Honored artists of RSFSR Rogatov, Antonov and Strakhov. Her diploma work was called "Russian beauty".

At present the artist works at the Fedoskino factory of miniature art.

Olga Nikolaevna works in the style of Fedoskino lacquered miniature on paper-mache using technique of oil painting. She likes to paint on a variety of themes.

Although the painter has no any personal techniques, original style can distinguish her works from others. Strakhova thinks admirers of her art will appreciate detailed drawings, interesting themes, fine brush mastery, precision of painting in her miniatures.

The artist usually spends on making a piece from a day to a year.

Her artwork was influenced by the painting of such prominent artists as Bryullov, Ivanov, Bushe.

In free time Olga Nikolaevna likes to travel and visit exhibitions, theatres.

She wishes joy from acquired boxes to collectors of miniature art.

The majority of her works are kept in the Museum of Fedoskino factory.

O.N. Strakhova's works are sited in these books:

I. Soloninkin N., Dmitriev B., 1995, FEDOSKINO LACQUER MINIATURE, Fedoskino factory of miniature art, Moscow:

1. Box "Landscape with Bridge", # 87.

II. Pirogova L., 1996, 200 YEARS OF RUSSIAN LACQUERY, Yantarny Skaz, ROSKNIGA, Kaliningrad, ISBN 5-7406-0017-0:

1. Brooches "Girl with a Plait" (1990), "Young women" (1990), page 70.

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