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Sverlova Galina Anatolievna (1955 - ...)  Click to play

Galina Anatolievna Sverlova was born in 1955 in the town of Sverdlovsk. Now she resides in the town of Moscow. In 1977 the artist finished the Fedoskino Art School. Her teachers were Antonov V.D., Monashov S.V. and Marchukov N.G.

Galina Anatolievna is awarded with many diplomas for her work in the field of lacquer miniature painting. The artist's thesis work included the following compositions: "A Spinner" and "The Unequal Marriage" (the original is painted by Pukirev B.B.). Her original works include "Beautiful Maidens" (1980) and "Girlfriends" (1990).

Galina Anatolievna works freelance. She paints her compositions in the Fedoskino tradition of lacquer miniature art using oil paints. Themes of her compositions are various. The artist often makes copies of works painted by famous artists or devises subjects by herself.

Galina Anatolievna puts whole soul into her compositions. She paints each of her them with loving care and interest, trying to inspire people with her love for art. Beginning to paint a new composition, the artist intends to improve level of her professional skill and paint a composition better than all previous ones. She likes to use in painting clear tones.

Galina Anatolievna thinks that her works are notable for boldness and brightness of coloring. She also supposes that people will appreciate her works for thinness of painting, precision of drawing, interesting themes, coloring and execution of high quality. Galina Anatolievna likes to draw from her childhood, that is why occupational choice wasn't accidental for her. Works by such prominent artists as Tropinin V.A., Ivanov A.A., Aivazosky I.K., Vereshchagin V.V., Vasnetsov A.M, Kustodiev B.V. and also Renaissance artists had a great influence on the artist's creative work.

Galina Anatolievna lives with her sons. She likes tourism, the sea and flower-growing. The artist hopes that customers will sense such feeling as love, cordiality while contemplating her compositions and plunge themselves in the world of fantasy.

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