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Yevdokimova Svetlana Alexandrovna (1975 - ...)  Click to play

Svetlana Alexandrovna Yevdokimova

Was born in 1975 in the village of Novinki of Dmitrovsk region in Moscow surroundings. Now she lives in the village of Fedoskino in Moscow region.

Svetlana finished the Fedoskino Art School in 1996, where she studied under V.V. Sinelnikova and B.P. Gorodilin. The painter's degree work was the miniature called "Day and Night" (1996).

At present she works at the Fedoskino Art Factory that museum preserves some of her pieces. Evdokimova paints in the style of miniature art, using oil paints, she prefers to work on cold tones. In her art Svetlana reflects her interest in depicting themes of nature, man and nature, feelings, and emotions. It is important for Svetlana to make a form of art piece right.

Starting a new miniature, the artist intents to paint it better then previous one. Svetlana thinks her art was influenced by the paintings of such masters, as N. Zotov, S. Kozlov, and A. Kozlova.

Svetlana believes her works differ from analogous ones, because, on her opinion, each artist has his personal technique of painting. It takes Yevdokimova one week or more to produce one box. The author hopes her admirers will remember precision for detailing, themes, and her style of executing works.

In her spare time Svetlana brings up her child.

To collectors she wishes to enjoy Fedoskino miniature and to never disappoint in it.

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