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Zayakin Alexander Nikolaevich (1957 - ...)  Click to play

Zayakin Alexander Nikolaevich was born in 1957 in the village of Sherementievsky. At present the artist resides in the village of Fedoskino.

In 1979 Alexander Nikolaevich graduated from the Fedoskino Art School. His teachers were Frolov V.N., Chistov S.S., Macheev B.N. His diploma work was entitled "Skomorokhs" (wandering minstrel-cum-clown).

Now the artist works at the Fedoskino factory of miniature art and also freelance.

Alexander Nikolaevich paints in oils in the traditional Fedoskino style. He is interested in depicting genre scenes, portraits and compositions painted after originals by famous artists.

The artist thinks the most important element in his works is realistic painting that makes the composition look tree-dimensional. He paints his pieces in bright, mellow and clear tones.

Alexander Nikolaevich supposes people will estimate in his artworks most of all thinness of painting, beautiful color combinations and original execution.

Creative work of such prominent artists as Ivanov A.A, Surikov V., Repin I.E., Makovsky K.E., Rubens P.P., Tropinin, Kiprensky and Semyradsky had influence on A.N. Zayakin's painting.

In his free time Alexander Nikolaevich likes to fish, pick mushrooms and walk in the surroundings of Fedoskino.

Zayakin at the garden near his house with Yemelyanov and his wife
Zayakin at the garden near his house with Yemelyanov and his wife.

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