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Zudin Nikolay Vasilievich (1935 - ...)  Click to play

Zudin Nikolay Vasilievich

Zudin Nikolay Vasilievich was born in 1935 in the Ryazan Region. At present the artist currently lives in the village of Fedoskino.

In 1956 Nikolay Vasilievich finished the Fedoskino Art School where he studied under famous painters Nebosklonov A.D., Dedunik D.N., Parfenov A.A., Kuznetsov A.I. His diploma work was entitled "Fishermen".

N.V. Zudin's works are exhibited in the Museum of Fedoskino Art School.

Now Nikolay Vasilievich works at the Fedoskino factory of miniature art. He paints in the style of Fedoskino lacquer miniature and uses oil paints. He appreciates in his artworks, most of all, the connection between art and a chosen theme. Starting a new composition, the artist intends to show people the best traditions of Fedoskino Art. Finishes his work, after realization of all artistic ideas, when there is nothing to add or to change. Prefers to paint his compositions in cold tones.

Nikolay Vasilievich thinks that the time spent on painting a composition depends on complexity of a theme or applying painting techniques.

It is possible to distinguish his pieces from other painters' works by complicated three-layered painting. The artist supposes people will appreciate in his work, most of all, a splendid color treatment of his compositions.

N.V. Zudin's creative work was influenced by Dutch and Italian art.

In his free time Nikolay Vasilievich likes to work in his orchard and kitchen-garden.

The artist wishes to his admires "to rejoice at art and its longevity.

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