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Babarkina Nina Dmitrievna (1954 - ...)  Click to play

Babarkina Nina Dmitrievna

was born in 1954 in the town of Yuja, Ivanovo region. Currently she lives in Kholuy settlement.

Graduated from the Kholuy Art School in 1972, where she studied under V.T. Torunov and M.B. Kosterin. Her author works are "Nutcracker" (1995), "Golden Key" (1996), and others.

As a rule Nina Dmitrievna paints author works. In her creative work she uses tempera paints and traditional technique of Kholuy miniature painting.

The artist prefers to paint on theme of Russian fairy-tales. She thinks that drawing based on stylistic unity with a definite subject and artistic execution of composition are important elements of her art works. The artist considers apiece finished when its ornamental design is done.

As a painter, when starting s new work, Babarkina sets out to create a new subject and to execute it beautifully on a lacquered box.

In composition Nina uses different colors and paints, but prefers blue and green best of all other tones. As Babarkina is an original master, she implements her own painting techniques in the fine works. Her pieces are distinguished by patterns and colors of their painting. Figures aren't often proportioned relatively things surrounded them in her compositions.

Nina believes her works will be remembered for fineness of painting, mastery, and original execution.

In her free time the painter likes to knit, to sew, and to work at her kitchen garden in summer.

To collectors of her artwork she wishes good health and the best luck in everything.

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