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Baburina Irina Anatolievna (1967)  Click to play

Baburina Irina Anatolieva was born in 1967 in the village of Lamna, Ivanovo Region. Now she resides in the village of Kholui, Ivanovo Region.
In 1986 Irina finished the Kholui Art School. Her teachers were Turunov Igor Ivanovich, Zhivnostka Ludvig Matyashevich, Sedov Vladimir Nikolaevich, Fiskov Vladimir Timofeevich, Babarkin Vasily Pavlovich. The artistís diploma work was a composition ďBy decree of Peter IĒ painted on the historical subject.
At present Irina works at the Kholui Craft Workshops.
She paints in the style of Kholui lacquered miniature, using tempera paints. Themes of her works are various, but she mainly depicts landscapes with animals. Her favorite subjects are landscapes and fairy-tale scenes.
Beginning to paint a miniature, Irina intends to make her work at a high professional level if itís a copy; and to express her thoughts and inspirations of her soul if itís a creative work. Finishes painting, if she is satisfied with the result and if everything corresponds to her artistic tasks.
The artist thinks that such factors, as richness and locality of colors are very important when painting a miniature. She likes to paint her compositions in contrast tones, using such colors as ultramarine, cobalt, ochre, red and blue.
When panting a landscape, Baburina devotes much attention to the depiction of grass. Depicting a character, she tries to paint the details of his face and to reflect peculiarities of his temper.
The artist supposes the special painting technique, which is called ďplavĒ and rich coloring to be her personal artistic methods. Itís usually takes her 2-3 days to paint a composition if itís a copy, and several months if itís a creative work.
Baburinaís creative work was influenced by works of such great Russian artists as Rokotov, Kustodiev, Polenov, Bilibin and by works of such Kholui masters as Blinov, Baburin, Dmitriev, Denisov, Nesterov, Khodov and Golikov N.I.
In her free time Irina works as a teacher in the Childrenís Art School where she gives lessons on composition, modeling, decorative art and appliqué work.
The artist wishes to all admires of the Kholui lacquered miniature art to get only positive emotions from acquired boxes.

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