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Belova Larisa Valerievna (1962)  Click to play

Belova Larisa Valerievna was born in 1962 in the town of Yuzha, Ivanovo Region, where she resides at present.
In 1983 Larisa finished the Kholui Art School where she studied under the guidance of Kolganova L.I., Zhivnostka L.M., Pechkin M.B., Kuchumoy V.N., Kosterin A.M., Belov V.A., Semenov A.I., Babarkin V.P. Her diploma work was a composition “Twelve” dedicated to the poem by A. Block with the same title.
At present Larisa Valerievna works at the Kholuy Craft Workshops. She paints her compositions in the style of Kholuy lacquered miniature, using tempera paints and also she is good at painting with watercolors. Themes of her works are Russian folk fairy-tales, A.S. Pushkin’s tales, A.N. Astafiev’s tales, landscapes, and portraits. Her favorite themes to depict are fairy-tales and landscapes.
Creative works by Artist Belova are sold in shops and they are in popular demand.
The artist supposes the most important elements in a lacquered miniature are coloring and correct compositional structure. Beginning to paint a miniature, she intends to make it bright, colorful and expressive, and also she strives for reflecting a main idea of a chosen theme. Finishes working, when the central spot in the composition (it may be a character’s image or something else) is expressed correctly and precisely.
Artist Belova paints her compositions in warm, bright, delicate and pastel tones, applying her personal artistic methods. On the average it takes her from 3 to 6 days to paint a composition.
Works by such prominent artists as I.Ya. Bilibin, M.A. Vrubel, A. Rublev and also works by the Kholui Masters – Mityashin P.A. and Belov V.A. had a great influence on the artist’s painting.
In her free time Larisa goes in for sport, reads books and is occupied with ballroom dances.

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