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Bezina Irina Alexeevna (1966 - ...)  Click to play

Irina Alexandrovna Bezina

Was born in 1966 in Kholuy settlement in Ivanovo Region, where she currently resides.

The artist works in Kholuy ancient traditions using tempera technique of Kholuy icon-painting school. In 1985 Bezina finished Kholuy Art School, and she also graduated from Art Graphics School in 1991, where Irina studied under L.M. Zhivnostka and A.I. Semienov.

Titles of Bezina's author works are "Mermaid", "Pushkin", and "Kizhi". This artist is interested in painting lyrical themes. She considers expression of chosen theme to be very important element in her paintings. As a master, upon starting a new piece, Irina wants to paint it at the highest level. She thinks a lacquer box is finished when the painter likes it on all sides. Bezina prefers to use cold tones of color palette in her productions. Works by Irina are remarkable for the techniques of vivid painting.

In her spare time Irina likes to go cycling.

To admirers of her artwork she wishes the best of luck in everything.

Irina and her husband at their house
Irina and her husband at their house.

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