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Burova Svetlana Evgenyevna (1969 - ...)  Click to play

Svetlana Evgenievna Burova

Was born in 1969 in Yuzha in Ivanovo region, where she currently resides.

Svetlana finished the Kholuy Art School in 1988, her teachers were V.M. Gulylev, V.N. Sedov, and L.M. Zhivnostka.

Burova works in tempera technique based on icon painting. The artist is interested in subjects of fairy-tales and architecture. She considers quality to be the most important aspect of her artwork, and she finishes a piece when it is in complete condition.

The master's principal aim is qualitative execution of a miniature, which will be estimated by collectors. Svetlana uses all tones of color scheme and she has her personal art techniques. Her miniatures differ from others by unique colors and technique.

Burova thinks it is easy to remember thinness and precision of her drawings as well as their colors and paints.

In her spare time Svetlana likes to knit, to keep house, and to gather in the harvest at her personal plot in summer.

She wishes admirers of fine arts to acquire only high-quality boxes.

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