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Denisov Nikolay Nikolaevich (1929)  Click to play

Denisov Nikolay Nikolaevich was born in 1929 in the village of Shakhovskoye, Kuibyshev region. Now he resides in the town of Yuzha, Ivanovo Region.
In 1948 the artist graduated from the Kholuy Art School, where he studied under V.D. Puzanov-Molev, K.V. Kosterin, P.N. Kiselev and G.A. Kukuliev. His diploma work was the composition ďAlexander NevskyĒ dedicated to depiction of the battle on the Chudskoy Lake.
Denisov N.N. was a teacher of miniature painting techniques at the Kholui Art School, a member of the USSR Union of Artists (1964), a Merited Artist of Russia (1978). He is rewarded with the Order of Lenin, the Order of the October Revolution and with the honored diploma of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.
The artist has participated in different exhibitions since 1954. His works are exhibited in many Museums such as the Kholui Museum of miniature painting, the State Museum of Palekh Art, the Ivanovo Region Art Museum, the State Historical Museum, the All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art (Moscow), the State Russian Museum (St.-Petersburg), the Russian Museum of Ethnography and many others.
Major works: "Captain's Daughter" (1957), "Flood in the Village of Kholuy" (1963), "Suzdal the Museum City" (1964), "The Flaming Years" (1965), "Kiribeevich" (1978), "Prince Igor" (1985), "Entering a New Life" (1987).
Nikolay Denisov has been working at the Kholui Factory of miniature painting since 1948. He paints his compositions the style of Kholuy lacquered miniature using tempera paints. Themes of his works are folk tales, bylinas, modern achievements of Russia, space, genre scenes, architectural monuments, landscapes, characters and events of literary works.
The artist thinks the most important stages in working at a lacquered miniature are a compositionís construction, choice of a color range, creation of expressive images and strict observance of the Kholui lacquered miniatureís technique. Beginning to work, he intends to paint a composition that will correspond to his idea and wonít be worse than all previous ones. Finishes painting, when he is fully satisfied with the final result and can sign his work.
Nikolay Denisov applies in painting the tones that help him to reflect a chosen theme and express artistic images. He also uses in work his personal painting techniques to make a composition that will correspond to the best traditions of miniature painting. On the average, it takes him from 3 weeks to 3 years to paint a composition.
The artist supposes itís easy to recognize compositions by any artist if you are well acquainted with his creative work.
Works by such prominent artists as I.Ya. Bilibin, V.M. Vasnetsov, I.E. Repin, V.A. Nesterov, N.K. Rerikh, M.A. Vrubel, A.G. Venetsianov, A.K. Savrasov and I.I. Levitan had a great influence on N.N. Denisovís painting.
In his free time Nikolay is occupied with his household.
The artist wishes to all people who appreciate the art of miniature painting to get pleasure from acquired boxes.

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