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Deviatkina Yevgeniya Mikhailovna (1935 - ...)  Click to play

Deviatkina Yevgeniya Mikhailovna

Deviatkina Yevgeniya Mikhailovna was born in 1935 in the village of Kholuy where she resides now.

In 1954 the artist graduated from the Kholuy Art School. Her teachers were such brilliant teachers as Puzanov, Kukuliev (taught painting and drawing) and Kosterin.

Deviatkina's diploma work was "Feast of harvest".

The artist currently works at the Kholuy factory of miniature art and at home. She has received 2 Orders of Labour Glory and medals of Socialist competitions' conqueror.

Yevgeniya Mikhailovna implements traditional painting technique of Kholuy lacquer miniature, using tempera paints. Her favorite themes to depict are fairy tales, especially fairy tale subjects invented by Baburin and Belov.

Deviatkina considers the work to be finished when experts have approved it without inserting amendments.

The artist thinks that her individual style of painting resembles the style of other Kholuy artist Soboleva.

Creative work of such famous artists as Belov and Baburin influenced her manner of painting.

In free time Yevgeniya Mikhailovna keeps house. She likes walking in forest and picking berries.

The artist wishes admirers of her art luck and happiness.

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