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Dubravina Nadezhda Evgenyevna (1976 - ...)  Click to play

Dubravina Nadezhda Yevgenievna

Was born in 1976 in the village of Kholuy in Ivanovo region, where she currently resides.

In 1997 Nadezhda graduated from the Kholuy Art School where she studied under V.N. Smirnov and T.L. Milushina. Her degree work was the miniature "Ivan the Terrible".

Dubravina works at the Kholuy factory. The artist uses tempera art technique in her artwork. She is interested in depicting subjects of fairy-tales. The master often makes impositions of many layers in her works that gives them space look.

Nadezhda believes well-known Kholuy masters Milushina, Smirnov, Belov, Kamorin, and Turunov influenced her artwork.

As a painter, upon starting a new piece, she strives to open an image, to mix colors right, to execute it in such way that observers get joy and soul satisfaction.

Dubravina hopes her pieces are always recognizable, it is important for the painter to be satisfied with her creations. The work on a miniature Nadezhda thinks to be done when she obtains spatial look and feels she "lives in it with her characters".

In her spare time she likes to hike in the woods, to make sketching, and to read.

To admirers of art the author wishes all the best, love, and happiness, she would like an acquired article to be a part of kindness in their house.

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