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Feodorova Oksana Yurievna (1974)

Fedorova Oksana Yurievna was born in 1974 on the town of Volsk, Saratov Region. Now she resides in the town of Yuzha together with her husband.
In 2001 the artist finished the Kholuy Art School where she studied under Milushina T.L., Mityashin P.A., Pechkina Zh.S., Fiskov V.T. The graduation project of Fedorova O.Yu. was the box entitled "Snegurochka(or Snowmaiden)" .
Creative works of Fedorova are "In the gardens of St.-Petersburg", "Presentment", "Snowmaiden and Lel", "The Tale of Tsar Saltan", "The Sea Song" and some others.
The artist paints her works in the traditions of Kholui lacquered miniature, using tempera paints. Themes of her works are fairy-tales and satire.
Working on a lacquered miniature, Oksana always tries to improve the quality of painting technique and make the best miniature she has ever made. Beginning to paint, she intends to create a small part of the big, kind, magic world of a fairy-tale and make it so that the viewer would like to found himself in this world.
The artist likes to depict a landscape. She thinks that a landscape makes a miniature look more expressive, emotional, bright and adds a peculiar charm to a composition. In painting she likes use cold tones.
Oksana never tries to imitate a style and a manner of painting of famous artists and considers all painting methods that she uses in work to be her personal ones. She aims to make her so that every inch of a box would be painstakingly painted.
On the average it takes her 3 - 4 weeks to finish working on a lacquered miniature.
Works by Artist Fedorova are notable for interesting themes, coloring and high quality of execution.
Works by such great Russian artists as Vasnetsov A.M., Levitan I.I., Bilibin I.Ya., Vasiliev F.A. and such miniaturists as Bazhenov P.D. (Palekh), Zubkov A.I. (Palekh), Tikhonravov B.M. (Kholui), Denisov N.N. (Kholui), Mityashin P.A. (Kholui) had a great influence on the artist's creativity.
Oksana passionately liked to draw from her childhood but always thought that her abilities are too little to create serious works. Having tried to study in the college which type wasn't connected with painting, at the age of twenty years she decided to be an artist.
The artist likes to spend her free time in the country. Her husband is a bee-keeper that is why she has a great possibility to spend her time apiary contemplating beauties of nature.
Oksana hopes her works will help the viewer to dream like in his childhood.
The artist wishes success to all admirers of lacquered miniature painting.

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