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Fiskov Vladimir Timofeevich (1946 - ...)  Click to play

Fiskov was born in 1946 in the town of Shuya. Vladimir attended the Kholuy Art School, where he studied under such master artists as N. V. Starikov, Bugaev and Semonov. His thesis work was entitled, " Ivan the Terrible". Vladimir's obvious talent and excellence in painting caught the attention of the Kholuy Art School, who offered him a teaching position not to long after he graduated in 1971. Since then, his skills as an artist have served him and his students well. In order to teach the techniques of the masters, original works had to be copied by the students. Because of Vladimir's talent, he was permited by the school to make copies of the original masterpieces for the students at KAS to study. Vladimir also published a book on miniature painting. This book is also used in his classes. Since teaching at KAS, he has over seen and graduated 6 classes.

Class of '89

Like many other Kholuy artists Vladimir only paints in daylight, so his day begins very early. Battle scenes, historic monuments, and fairy tales are among Vladimir's favorite subjects to paint. Vladimir enjoys painting plaques as well as boxes and embossed copper plaques. He is interested in historical themes and has a deep understanding of icon painting and uses ancient techniques of tempera painting. This interest and skill lends itself well to his talent and interst in restoring old lacquer boxes and icons.

The majority of Vladimir's work is created with a cool palette. His artwork is easily recognized by its elements of composition, and his style of painting contains the traditional building blocks of iconography, like hills, the earth, water and the sky. According to his wife - Irina Dmitrievna Fiskova, Vladimir paints in manner that is "very manly" - he throws brushstrokes of tempera widely about and with great passion. Yet at the same time, he executes his techniques in a highly technical manner. His works are easily recognizable for this reason and because every piece of by Fiskov is an original.

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