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Gurilyeva Galina Valeryevna (1960 - ...)  Click to play

Galina Valeryevna Gurilyeva was born in the town of Yuzha, Ivanovo Region in 1960. She studied at the Kholuy Art School under Denisov N.N., Semenov A.I., Zhivnostka L.M. before graduating it in 1981. She is best known for her work entitled "The Golden Cockerel" (1988).

Now the artist works at the Kholuy Craft Workshops.

Gurilyeva prefers to paint themes that are inspired by fairy-tale stories. According to Gurilyeva, the most important part of creating her work is "the purity and thorough expression of the image". Also, when painting, she tries to keep her artwork within the boundaries of the Kholuy art traditions. She thinks that the most important element of a successful piece is decoration of a box.

In her free time, Gurilyeva likes to travel. In a message to collectors, she encourages them to further study of Kholuy art traditions.

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