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Khrulyova Irina Vyachislavovna (1976 - ...)  Click to play

Khrulyova Irina Vyachislavovna was born in 1976 in the town of Uja, Ivanovo Region.

In 1997 the artist finished the Kholuy Art School where she studied under Yolkin Viktor Alexandrovich and Gurylev Vitaliy Mikhailovich. Her degree work was entitled "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Magic Fish".

In 1996 I.V. Khrulyova's original work "Scarlet flower" (casket) was exhibited in Moscow.

Irina Vyachislavovna paints in the style of Palekh lacquer miniature using egg-tempera painting. She prefers to paint her compositions on themes of fairy-tales.

Beginning to paint a new composition, the artist intends to carry out her work qualitatively and utterly express the chosen theme.

In her free time Irina Vyachislavovna keeps house, rests or travels.

The artist wishes to her admires "let's notice art more often".

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