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Kiseleova Lubov Mikhailovna (1971)

Kiseliova Lyubov Mikhailovna was born in 1971 in the village of Kholui, Ivanovo Region where she resides at present. Graduated from the Kholui Art School in 1990. She studied under such remarkable artists as V. T. Fiskov, M. B. Pechkin, A.I. Semionov. The graduation project of L.M. Kiseliova included the plate "Ruslan and Ludmila". Her best works are: "Scarlet Flower" (1998), "Santa" (1998), "Mermaids" (1997), "Scarlet Flower" (1999).
Lyubov paints her works in the style of Kholui lacquered miniature and uses tempera paints. She is interested in depicting fairy-tale scenes.
The artist thinks that quality of painting is the most important element in her works. Beginning to work on a lacquered miniature, she intends to express a chosen theme in original way and select colors correctly. Considers a miniature to be done, when the composition is fully finished and detailed with gold and silver paints and ornamentation is also fully finished.
The artist likes to use in painting warm and soft tones. She supposes that her works are notable for peculiar painting technique that helps her to achieve realistic and lively reflection of a theme.
Artist believes that people can easily recognize her works owing to thinness of painting, coloring and original style.
In her free time, the artist keeps house. She likes to spend her free time with her family and knit. To collectors of her artworks and all admirers of the art of lacquered miniature painting Kiseliova L.M. wishes good luck and realization of all their dreams.
Lubov is married to Artist Vladimir Kiseleov and has 3 children.

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