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Kiseliov Boris Ivanovich (1928 - ...)  Click to play

Kiselev Boris Ivanovich. Born in Yuzha, Ivanovo region, in 1928. Graduated from Kholuy Art School in 1948. His teachers were S. A. Mokin, K. V. Kosterin and V. D. Puzanov-Molev. The artist worked at the Kholuy Lacquer factory. Was the factory artistic director in 1953-1954. Was admitted to the RSFSR Atrist's union in 1964. People's Artist of the RSFSR, winner of the Repin State Prize of the RSFSR.

Major works: "Ivan Tsarevich and the White Polyanin" (1959), "On the River Teza" (1962), "Cockfight" (1963), "Clever Granddaughter" (1963), "Don Quixote" (1963), "Ruslan and the Head" (1964), "Suzdal" (1964), "The Golden Cockerel" (1967), "Kideksha" (1967), "The Sleeping Beauty" (1979), "Afanasi Nikitin's Voyage Across the Tree Seas" (1981), "The Lady of Igor's Host" (1983), "The Tale of Pyotr and Fevrona" (1983), "Tales of Pushkin" (1987).

Soloviova L. N., 1991, "KHOLUY LACQUERED MINIATURES", INTERBOOK, Moscow, 5-7664-0696-7

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