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Kobyakina Alevtina Alexandrovna (1963 - ...)  Click to play

Kobyakina Alevtina Alexandrovna was born in 1963 in the village of Kholuy, Ivanovo Region. Now she resides in the town of Kovrov, Vladimir Region.

In 1982 the artist finished the Kholuy Art School. Her teachers were Semenov A.I., Zhivnostka L.M., Yolkin V.A. and Yakovlev V.U. Diploma work of Kobyakina A.A. was a composition "Vasily Terkin".

Now Alevtina Alexandrovna works at the Kholuy Craft Workshops.

The artist paints her works in the style of Kholuy lacquered miniature, using tempera paints. Themes of her works are fairy-tales and architecture. Her favorite subject is a fairy tale.

Beginning to paint Alevtina Alexandrovna intends to make a work of high quality. She appreciates her works mostly for precision of copying and carefulness of painting.

The artist applies in painting her personal artistic methods. She prefers to paint her compositions in warm tones. The time, spent on painting a box, depends on complexity of a theme.

Painting of such well-known Kholuy artists as Yolkin V.A., Baburin N.I., Mityashin P.A. had a great influence on the artist's creative work.

Alevtina Alexandrovna hopes that people will enjoy the fantastic world depicted on her boxes.

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