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Kopienko Alexander Alexandrovich (1961 - ...)  Click to play

Alexander Alexandrovich Kopienko was born in 1961 in the town of Novy Oskol in Belgorod region, and at present he lives in Yuzha in the Ivanovo region, not far from Kholuy. Alexander graduated from the Kholuy Art School in 1984; his teacher was Alexander Alexeevich Morozov.

The artist uses traditional techniques of Kholuy miniature painting, including tempera paints. He likes to depict the themes of fairy-tales and bylinas. The main creative works by Kopienko are the miniatures "Ruslan and the Head" (1992), "Troika" (1993), "On the Muromskaya Road" (1993), and "Morozko" (1999).

The artist considers the expression of a theme and the technique of painting to be the most important elements of his work. As a painter, he starts on a new piece by setting goals to express an image and a theme, a pattern, color range, and technique execution. Work on a miniature is finished for him when the last stroke has been done.

Works by the master are distinguished by his "signature" and by detailed decoration. Answering the question if he had any personal techniques, the artist said: "I can't tell you my secrets". Kopienko hopes his pieces will be remembered by detailed decoration and precision of patterns, execution, and colors.

In his spare time Alexander likes to spend time in his friends' company. He wishes admirers of his work to be healthy and wealthy.

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